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Creating your custom ice cream cake order online is quick and easy. Just click on the name of the store where you want to pick it up to get started.


About Ice Cream Cakes
All cakes are made using any 2 flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The base of the cake is about a half inch layer of brownie, followed by one layer of ice cream, then a crunchy chocolate cookie crumb layer, and completed by another layer of ice cream. The cake is then decorated with whipped cream icing or a non-dairy “Better Cream” icing and any other toppings desired.
















Most Popular Flavors
Vanilla - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch - Sweet Cream and Cookies - Cherry Garcia - Chocolate - Chocolate Fudge Brownie
*Most people choose one vanilla based flavor and one chocolate based flavor.

Cake Options
If your child does not like chocolate Ben & Jerry’s can use any ice cream that doesn’t have chocolate and leave off the brownie and cookie layers on the inside of the cake.
Cakes can be made with sorbet.
Ben & Jerry’s can work with wheat, nut, and dairy allergies by substituting or leaving out certain ingredients. Ben & Jerry’s realizes that nut allergies have become a growing problem with children today and although Ben & Jerry’s cannot guarantee that there will not be an issue, fresh scoops and unopened ice cream containers can be used to reduce any potential nut allergy problems.

Ben & Jerry’s does not offer any specific themed cakes such as “Spiderman”, “Dora the Explorer”, “Disney Characters”, etc. due to trademark issues but can use color schemes or simple designs on the cake as requested. For example, the Spiderman cake could be red and blue but, Ben & Jerry’s cannot draw Spiderman on the cake. Parents are welcome to bring figurines to place on the cake. Ben & Jerry’s can also write on the cake with colored icing or add colored flowers or other designs. Brownies, chocolate in molded shapes such as "cow spots", guitars, or dinosaurs, gummi bears, sprinkles, M&Ms and all of the other toppings used for ice cream cones can be used for cake decorations. Ben & Jerry’s can also drizzle the cake with chocolate and caramel syrups.

Lead Time
Ben & Jerry’s asks for 24 hours to make a custom cake. There are always a variety of cakes on display in the store that are ready to go. Ben & Jerry’s can write your message on the stock cakes in just a few minutes.

Ben & Jerry’s promises that the ice cream cakes will be the best leftovers you’ve ever had. Just place the cake back in the freezer before it melts. The cake will be good for 7 – 10 days in the freezer.